FrontView is a company combining the necessary skills and expertise in developing, implementing, evaluating, promoting humanitarian, committed and civil society projects.

François Dupaquier, the founder of FrontView, is specialized for more than 17 years in conflict areas including Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East.

The team is composed of operational specialists experienced in emergency, stabilisation and peace building. FrontView Consulting team identity is defined by its strong commitment. Many experts have already collaborated within other international organizations. They have joined FrontView for its participative and dynamic approach that allows for professional development, curiosity and imagination. Only missions are selected that have relevance with a sense of achievement.

FrontView also documents its missions through films and other social media. FrontView makes movies on committed topics. A number of its productions have been selected and awarded in international festivals, broadcasted on several television channels and distributed internationally.

FrontView also hosts Synergy, a think-tank, created to use and share field knowledge for the development of committed projects. The objective is to open up humanitarian engagement to other professional fields. This experience needs to be disseminated today to better address societal challenges and help write tomorrow’s humanitarian and social responsibility.