Ducio Staderini

Operation startegies and institutional relations expert

Duccio Staderini is Doctor in International Relations and has large experience as representative of INGO (MSF, MDM, HI) and institutional donors (DFID, ECHO) and in managing large-scale multi sectoral responses, institutional donor programs and evaluations. His added value is his knowledge of the architecture of the humanitarian response system and his expertise in mapping and evaluating organizational and managerial aspects, including the appropriateness, effectiveness, and efficiency of organizations.

Over 18 years of relevant working experience in humanitarian aid sector in senior positions, supporting a wide variety of agencies and actors including leading INGOs, Institutional donors and service providers (DFID, ECHO, MSF, MDM, Handicap International)

Extensive experience in funding, coordination and management of humanitarian and development programs and evaluation exercises in complex crisis (Albania, Afghanistan, Chad, Chechnya, East Timor, Egypt, Guinea, Haiti, Iraq, Indonesia, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, OPT, Russian Federation, Tunisia, Turkey).

Followed, promoted and funded national Early Warning, Dynamic Monitoring and regional evaluation exercises (Chad, Burundi, Tanzania, Cameroon Chechnya and Syria). Coordinated humanitarian member states meetings at the EU delegations in different crises.

Wide institutional donor experience and extensive experience in managing large-scale institutional donor programs (Regional Response to the Syrian Crisis).

In-depth knowledge of the Syria crisis and of coordination structures in place. Worked on the Syrian Crisis since July 2011, active networks at different levels in the region. Recent assignments linked to the Syria crisis: Senior Humanitarian Advisor (DFID) at the British Embassy in Beirut; as Head of Office for ECHO in Ankara, Turkey, started funding cross-border operations into Syria and negotiated humanitarian access with local councils and Armed Non State Actors in Syria.

Proven institutional communication and networking skills.